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News: The Tiara Talk Show: Interview With Bill Farmer, Jason Marsden & Jymn Magon, For 20Th Anniversary Of “A Goofy Movie”

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The Tiara Talk Show: Interview With Bill Farmer, Jason Marsden & Jymn Magon, For 20Th Anniversary Of “A Goofy Movie”

News: The Tiara Talk Show: Interview With Bill Farmer, Jason Marsden & Jymn Magon, For 20Th Anniversary Of “A Goofy Movie”

In this episode of The Tiara Talk Show, Bill Farmer (voice of Goofy), Jason Marsden (voice of Max Goof) & screenwriter Jymn Magon chat with host Tammy Tuckey about the 20th anniversary of “A Goofy Movie”, the catchy tunes in the film like “After Today”, what Powerline’s original name was in early drafts of the script, the possibility of another sequel to “A Goofy Movie” and more!

Visit the The Tiara Talk Show Web Site

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Video: Goofy’s Grandma | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

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Bill Farmer appears as Goofy in this recent Disney Short.

Mickey helps Goofy by letting his Grandma stay at his house, but soon finds out that she’s not the sweet old lady she appears to be.

Video: Goofy's Grandma | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Watch more Disney Shorts on YouTube!

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Bill Farmer quoted in Los Angeles Times article on Minnie Mouse voice action, Russi Taylor

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Bill was quoted in this Los Angeles Times article about Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse for the last 28 years!

I don’t know anybody in the world who is as lucky as I am,” said Taylor, who has a splash of pink in her whitish-blond hair. “I work with the best people.”

Her co-workers return the feeling.

“Russi has the tendency to get the giggles,” said Bill Farmer, a longtime friend who is the voices of Goofy and Pluto. “When she starts laughing sometimes it’s very difficult for her to stop. It is a blast.

“She embodies Minnie. What she adds is a large part of her personality to the character.”

Russi Taylor, the voice and personality of Minnie Mouse

Minnie latimes

 When she was a young girl, Russi Taylor and her family visited Disneyland, where she had a close and remarkable encounter with Walt Disney himself.

“It was night time and we had just gotten off of the Mark Twain” boat ride. “There was a man sitting on the bench. We went past him to get popcorn.”

Taylor, who was a big fan of Disney’s TV series, knew the man sitting alone was Disney, but her mother didn’t believe her. “She said, ‘Honey, it couldn’t be.’” So her mother walked over and asked him if he was Uncle Walt. He told her he was. “My mother sat down and they started talking.”

Read the entire Los Angeles Times article

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Interview: Disney Legend, Bill Farmer talks about voicing Goofy and new Disney Junior series “The 7D” with Media Mikes

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Bill was interviewed recently for the Media Mikes blog. You can read the entire interview on their site.

Disney Legend, Bill Farmer talks about voicing Goofy and new Disney Junior series “The 7D” with Media Mikes 

7d drawing

You may not know the name Bill Farmer but you will certainly know his voice. He has been voicing Goofy and Pluto for nearly 30 years and was named a Disney Legend in 2009. Bill also has voiced tons of other notable characters including Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester the Cat and Yosemite Sam in the film ”Space Jam”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Bill about his voice roles and what we can expect from the new Disney Junior series “The 7D”.

Mike Gencarelli: You’ve been voicing Goofy and Pluto for nearly 30 years; what is it like hold these reigns for so long?

Bill Farmer: I think for any voice actor you can consider it a great honor to get a long lasting character. It is very competitive out here. Especially to get one of the Disney characters, I think it is one of the highest honors you can get in animation. Goofy was also my favorite Disney character growing up as a kid, which only made it that much sweeter that I ended up voicing him all these years.

MG: Do you feel that voicing characters like Goofy have changed for you the years?

BF: Voicing Goofy has certain changed my LIFE for the better. I first came to California as a stand-up comic. I had no idea that I would be voicing a character like Goofy. The audition came to me and it was very out of left field. I got a tape of Pinto Colvig and practiced it over the weekend. Then I went in and laid it down at the agency and about a month later they told me that I was going to get to do a Goofy job. I didn’t know if it was going to be more than one but after 27 years they are still using me. So (in Goofy’s voice) “Gaush, I guess I got lucky”.

Read the entire interview

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Video: Bill Farmer Talks about “A Career in Voiceover” on the Career Opportunities Podcast

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Bill Farmer, The Voice of Disney’s Goofy, Talks about “A Career in Voiceover” 

Career Opportunities Host, Douglas E. Welch, sits down with Bill Farmer, voice actor for Disney’s Goofy and many other well-known animated characters. They talk about a career in voiceover, how to build it, how to sustain it and career potential of becoming a voice actor today.

Link: Career Opportunities Podcast

Bill Farmer Interview Opening

More career interviews at the Career Opportunities blog and podcast

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Check out my new Mickey Mouse cartoon!

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Have you ever seen an angry Goofy? In this first episode of our new series, Goofy takes the ” No Shoes No Service” slogan literally! Enjoy!

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Event: Bill Farmer on Mr. Franks Wide Ride Podcast – This Sunday, April 14 @ 8pm EDT

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Join me for an evening of Disney fun with Mr. Franks Wild Ride podcast. This is the second time I have guested on the show. You’ll find a link to the previous episode below.

Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT 

Mrfranks2 logo

Mr. Franks Wild Ride

Disney Talk, Music, Mayhem & Mirth! Covering Disney Coast to Coast

Hosted by @DisneyFrankness, @DisneyBigSis & @WDW_Toffer

Watch live via the Mr. Franks Wild Ride YouTube channel. Chat via the web site.

Watch or listen to my first visit to Mr. Franks Wild Ride

  • Bill Farmer on Episode 34 of Mr. Franks Wild Ride – Listen/Watch
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News: A Goofy Milestone for Disney Legend Bill Farmer from DisneyParks Blog

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From DisneyParks Blog…

A Goofy Milestone for Disney Legend Bill Farmer from DisneyParks Blog

Bill Farmer Interviewed for Disney Files Magazine

Some kids take offense at being called goofy. Bill Farmer took it as professional advice. Born with the gift of comedic gab, Bill has turned his ability to channel stars both real and imagined into an illustrious show-business career involving a colorful array of animated characters. None are nearer or dearer to his heart than Goofy, the iconic character to whom Bill has lent his voice for decades.

As this week marks the milestone 25th anniversary of Bill’s career going Goofy, I sat down with the Disney Legend for an interview that’ll appear in a special Goofy-tribute issue of Disney Files Magazine scheduled to begin mailing to Disney Vacation Club members next month.

Here are three of my favorite Bill quotes from our visit:


Read the entire article on the DisneyParks Blog

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